347 Stainless Fasteners

347 Stainless fasteners are used in corrosive environments where temperatures may cycle to over 800º F (425º C). Oil refinery applications are common. Other uses for 347 Stainless are in heat sensors and thermocouples. 321 Stainless (UNS S32100/ASTM A193 B8T) is a very close relative. While 347 Stainless is stabilized by the addition of columbium & tantalum to resist intergranular corrosion, 321 is stabilized by the addition of titanium. Nickel Systems will supply hex bolts and hex nuts in 347 Stainless on a made to order basis.


Primary Resistance

ASTM A193 B8C, ASME SA193 B8C (Bolts)
ASTM A194 8C, ASME SB194 8C (Nuts)
UNS S34700
W-Nr 1.4550

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
C .06, Cb + Ta .5, Cr 18, Fe 69, Mn 1, Ni 11, P .03, S .01, Si .5