A286 Socket Head Cap Screws

A286 is a super-austenitic alloy, the slim majority of its chemical content is iron. Its notable feature is its strength. Tensile values can range to over 210 ksi depending on the heat treat procedure. In addition, A286 is heat resistant and is used frequently in jet engines and in gas turbines. Navratna stocks a variety of A286 socket head cap screws. Sizes are added as customer demand calls for them. For certain customers, we have a stock and release program for 12-point bolts in A286.

Incoloy Alloy A286 (® Special Metals)

Primary Resistance

ASTM A453 Grade 660
UNS S66826
W-Nr 1.4980

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
Al .25, B .005, C .05, Cr 15, Fe 54, Mn 1, Mo 1.25, Ni 25.5, S .015, Si .5, Ti 2.1, V .3