About Us

We are pleased to introduce our self as a leading Manufacturer for fasteners for Hot Forge, Cold Forge & Refractory Anchors. since 2000. It has specialty in Refractory Anchors & Linear Bolts.Spread in the area of around 20000 sq feet in the industrial zone of GIDC (Gujrat Industrial Development Corporation) with the potential of production 65 Ton / month comprising 70-75 machineries.Our assortment finds extensive application in various diversified industries that include Engineering & heavy engineering, Oil & gas, Chemical & Fertilizer.To control the cost & maintain the timely delivery the concept of Zero Inventory and Just - In - Time Inventory System, Push/ Pull Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory is practice by us.Our credentials of quality is confirmed by IS0 9001:2015, EMS 140001, OHSAS 18000 certification, Crisil Ratings. We are working on industry specified quality certification i.e. PED& EIL.

Navratna being Asia's leading manufacturer & developer of durable expansion fasteners has always regarded the customers as their greatest possession. Hence with our new technical collaboration setup in India to feed the market, we remain confident to meet the customer's goal in more effectual way. For Navratna the quality has acquired the place of supreme importance. With state–of–the–art infrastructure and speedy delivery we have been able to acquire a place of trust of our clients.

Navratna sustained the effort of constant innovation since its' inception in 2002 Navratna Fasteners continued to introduce new and advanced good quality products in relentless intervals. Our customers have been able to achieve a special place through our services that are based on superior infrastructure and speedy delivery. Navratna Fasteners has lead the way in revolutionizing the world in specialized anchoring. We have acquired the place of leading exporter to Europe, Americas, Africa as well as Asia through our state–of–the–art infrastructure and speedy delivery of quality products. Endless innovations on our part in relation to the fasteners, have tuned Navratna a trademark for fasteners. Various quality products that are offered by Navratna includes Fasteners, Stainless steel fasteners, Nails fasteners, Fasteners supplies, Fasteners distributors, Stainless steel bolts, Stainless steel screws.

Therefore the fasteners of all kinds have become a Navratna trademark. Hence, the buyers of quality fasteners throughout the world have always made Navratna their first preference. As a leading exporter to Europe, Americas, Africa & Asia the Navratna has continued to prove their credential time and again. We remain confident about proving our credential in future, as well through our superior infrastructure and speedy delivery.