Alloy 400 Fasteners

Alloy 400 is versatile and is used to resist both acids and alkalis. Seawater applications are common. A variant is Alloy 405 (UNS N04405). It contains slightly more sulfur, which improves machinability. To facilitate the availability of Alloy 400 hex bolts, hex nuts and washers, we work with a partner company who has very deep inventory. Lock washers that go with Alloy 400 Bolting are made from Alloy 500. Navratna also stocks certain sizes of socket cap screws and machine screws in Alloy 400, which are used by repeat customers.

Monel 400 (® Special Metals Corporation)
ATI 400 (® Allegheny Technologies Incorporated)
Langalloy 400 (® Langley Alloys Inc)
Nickelvac 400 (® Allegheny Technologies Incorporated)
Nicorros Alloy 400 (® ThyssenKrupp VDM)
Silverin 400 (® Deutsche Nickel)

Primary Resistance

ASTM B127, ASME SB127 (Plate)
ASTM B564, ASME SB564 (Rod)
UNS N04400
W-Nr 2.4360

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
C .15, Cu 31, Fe 2, Mn 1, Ni 66.5, S .01, Si .25