Alloy 500 All Thread Rod

Alloy 500 is a variant of Alloy 400. The addition of aluminum and titanium, along with a heat-treat process known as age-hardening, creates a much stronger material. Corrosion resistance is similar. It is approved by ASME for bolting applications up to 500° F. Alloy 500 is used extensively in critical marine applications. Navratna stocks Alloy 500 all thread rod, which can be cut into studs and nuts, both finished and heavy pattern. The diameter range for these is 1/2″ through 1". Lock washers in Alloy 500, probably the strongest of corrosion resistant lock washers, are on the shelf. Also, we have 3/8" diameter socket cap screws in Alloy 500.

K-Monel (® Special Metals)
Langalloy K500 (® Langley Alloys Inc.)

Primary Resistance

UNS N05500
W-Nr 2.4375

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
Al 3, C .15, Cu 30, Fe 1.5, Mn 1, Ni 64, Si .25, S .005, Ti .5