Alloy 718 Fasteners

Alloy 718 provides very high strength with good corrosion resistance. A precipitation hardening process is required to produce the high tensile strengths, which can exceed 200 ksi. It is highly resistant to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking. Alloy 718 fasteners have been used in environments from -400º F (-250º C) to 1300º F (700º C). Typical applications include gas turbine parts and cryogenic storage tanks. Navratna supplies full thread studs and heavy hex nuts in Alloy 718 made to order. Other items we have supplied in Alloy 718 include socket head cap screws.

Inconel Alloy 718 (® Special Metals)

Primary Resistance

ASTM B637, ASME SB637 (Bar) ASTM B670, ASME SB670 (Plate) UNS N07718 W-Nr 2.4668

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
Al .5, B .003, C .04. Co .5, Cr 18, Cu .15, Fe 18.5, Mn .25, Mo 3, Nb 5.1, Ni 54, P .01, S .01, Si .25, Ti 1