Alloy 904 Fasteners

904L is the most common of the "4% Molybdenum" alloys. It was designed to be an upgrade to 316L and Alloy 20 without incurring the expense of Alloy C276. Alloy 904 has been surpassed in popularity by the "6% Molybdenum" alloys such as AL6XN®. Its availability in round bar is limited to metric sizes in 5mm increments. Consequently inch-size diameter headed bolts are relatively expensive to manufacture. Due to the low demand for Alloy 904 fasteners, Navratna stocks very little. Parts on the shelf consist of overruns of hex bolts, hex nuts, flat washers and socket head cap screws.

Cronifer 1925 LC (® Thyssen Krupp VDM)

Primary Resistance

ASTM A240 (Plate)
UNS N08904
W-Nr 1.4539

Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
C .01, Cr 20.5, Cu 1.5, Fe 45, Mn 1, Mo 4.5, Ni 25.5, P .02, S .02, Si .5