Titanium Fasteners

Grade 2 titanium is commercially pure titanium. When its surface is exposed to oxygen or moisture, a new corrosion resistant layer of titanium oxide is created. It resists both acids (oxidizing and mildly reducing) and alkali. Usage in marine environments is common. Grade 2 titanium is used for orthopedic and dental implants. Although non-toxic, its chips are extremely flammable. The advantage of Grade 5 titanium is that it is heat treatable. Although it is more than twice as strong as Grade 2 titanium, its corrosion resistance is not quite as good. A small addition of palladium is used to create Grade 7 titanium. This addition gives it better corrosion resistance than Grade 2 titanium in cryogenic and highly acidic environments. Navratna stocks hex bolts, hex nuts and washers in Grade 2 titanium, primarily in 1/4″ through 5/8" diameters. Titanium fasteners in Grade 5 and Grade 7 are by special order.


Primary Resistance


Typical Tensile Strength (at room temperature in KSI)
Grade 2 Titanium: 55
Grade 5 Titanium: 135
Grade 7 Titanium: 55

Typical Chemistry (% by weight)
Grade 2 Titanium: Ti 99.2
Grade 5 Titanium: Al 6, Fe .15, Ti 89, V 4
Grade 7 Titanium: Pd .2, Ti 99